Service and Maintenance

Delivering the best service is our ultimate goal. This is why Ragab Motors uses state-of-the-art technologies to ensure you get the finest maintenance service and guarantee your safety. Ragab Motors is a certified spare parts provider inside Cairo and Alexandria. In addition, we offer roving maintenance vehicles outfitted for on-site after-sales support.
Cairo: Al-Haram street, kilo 6.5, Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, Giza.
Alexandria: Canal Mahmoudia Street, Smouha, Upper Egypt.


Why is Ragab Motors the best choice for maintenance contracts?

  • Excellent service
  • We offer the best prices for after-sales service
  • Speedy response and value our costumers
  • Certified and trained technicians
Get the best performance with Ragab Motors!

Ragab Maintenance Center – Plumbing - Automotive Painting and Welding Certification

Ragab Motors has obtained the certification of the industrial control board for exchanging critical parts of private cars and trucks. It also grants the “welding validity for traffic”, which is a certification from the industrial control recognized by the Egyptian stamp to be submitted to the traffic management, in case any part of the car is welded or in cases of repairing the chassis, changing the cabins and overhauling the engine or changing it. We also provide complete car maintenance for car owners.

ABOUT Komatsu

creating value together

Through the knowledge gained over the years in forklift manufacturing, Komatsu forklift has always been the optimal solution serving companies, factories and customers using extensive experience combined with cutting-edge technologies.


Komatsu produces forklifts with various load capacities starting from "1 ton" to "35 tons". Some of Komatsu forklifts work with diesel engines that are designed to work in a variety of locations and for many purposes; such as cement, wood and iron factories, and especially in all loading and offloading works. -In other cases, they work with batteries, such as in food factories, pharmaceutical companies, chemicals & paper manufacturing companies, and any other industry that requires no exhaust.

They can also be manufactured to work using natural gas in soda & mineral water factories, which leads to reduced fuel consumption and protecting the environment. We provide a one-year warranty or 2000-working hour warranty against manufacturing defects and not against operating flaws.

ABOUT Tadano

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Tadano is a Japanese brand that manufactures and sells telescopic cranes. Tadano has been among the leaders of its industry for more than 30 years. The company has been operating in the Egyptian Market, under the representation of Ragab Motors, since the late 1970s. Tadano has a wide range of unique products that can be used in numerous industries such as construction, mining, manufacturing, and many more. Tadano’s telescopic cranes are designed to operate in the harshest environments and can lift more than 200 tons, in terms of load capacities. It is also characterized by its extended life and controlled consumption of spare parts. The cranes adopt the highest quality of technology in their spare parts, making them durable, cost-effective, and most certainly a good investment for the present and the future.


Tadano Manufactures 4 Different Types Of Lifts:

Truck Cranes - Crawler Cranes - All Terrain Cranes; Rough Cranes Ragab Motors is their main supplier in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Rough Cranes

These are Japanese-made cranes with load capacities ranging from 30 to 140 tons. Because of their small size, Rough Cranes are best used in rough terrains and power plants as they can maneuver in the narrow spaces between the towers.

Truck Cranes

Japanese cranes with capacities ranging from 30 to 75 tons, designed to accelerate transportation from one city to another. This winch is loaded on a two-cabin car, one for procession and the other for operation, as it is designed to work in paved roads not in sandy areas.

All Terrain Cranes

These fast-running winches go from one city to another with German-made cranes of capacity ranging from 30 to 400 tones at once. The winch is loaded on a two-cabin car, one for procession and the other for operation, as this winch is designed to work in rough roads, mountains, and unpaved areas.

Crawler Crane

With American cranes of capacity ranging from 40 to 120 tones, these winches were designed especially for the projects of the construction and installation of electricity towers on the agricultural lands, tunnels and gas lines loaded on a steel casing. What is so special about the Crawler Crane is the hydraulic trompe that helps you have full control over it.